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Adrian Visoiu

Adrian Visoiu, The Most Complex Trading Course, Based On Market Volume, A "MUST HAVE" In Your Tool's Portfolio ...


  • Forex basic concept about market move: bullish, bearish, flat
  • Where & how the major players make decisions
  • How to identify the accumulation, resistance, support, control points
  • Read Volumes, Profiles of Volumes
  • Price Action, Market Context
  • Candlesticks basic concepts


  • Basic concepts and principles about FOREX
  • Basic economical concepts about supply and demand
  • Willing to learn and practice the new way of dealing


Why You should Access This Course?

The multitude of existing trading platforms on the market offers in their turn a lot of instruments which allow a successful trading. An instrument sensitive and known by most of the players is not used so often, but provides the ability to read accurately the market is the volumes of transactions. The volume of transactions allows you to establish with high accuracy: who is in the market, who is missing from the market, which are the intentions or safe challenges or false. Also it  allows the report analyzing the forces in the market and the movement of the quote.
All those described above can be easily read with only one indicator - the volume of trading.

For Whom Is Fit For ?

To deal with the multitude of tools for reading of the market,  for a beginner trader is difficult to determine the trading tactics. Often they create a minimum set of indicators, consisting of 3-5 instruments offered by the platform the aims of the day and night just to get a good opportunity offered to them by "great" of money which is called FOREX trading. We propose to the traders, with experience more or less, to integrate this indicator in trading tactics or to adopt a new method of reading of the market which provides a certainty in the decisions taken.


The trading volume indicator is present in any of the trading platforms, only that there is a small inconvenient  - it only provides information on the volumes traded the entity that gives you the quote (the company to which you have opened my account). We suggest a course of dealing with this indicator which will provide the following benefits:

• Interactive online course, individually, with the experienced professor;
• Free Access for 3 months at the volumes of the whole Market FOREX;
• Free Access for 3 months at the Chat daily trading;
• Create real account and comprehension of the results obtained in the basic skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I follow this course?

During the course, we will introduce the FOREX market and currency quotes into a new plan that will provide a new way of interpreting the data provided by trading platforms. You will have the opportunity to:
• "read" the market differently;
• make different decisions;
• increase your trading performance;
• Improve the trading tactics you already use.

How does the course take place?

The course is only on-line. The course is organized only individually. The course schedule is set individually (from Monday to Friday after 17:00).
Minimum course duration - 3 months.

Minimum technical requirements for the use of instruments

For a qualitative study of the traded technique we offer, you will need:
• Calculator with the following minimum features:
- 4Gb RAM;
- 4Gb video card;
- Processor I5, I7 (or equivalent)
• MetaTrader 5 trading platform;
• Communication platform: Skype;
• Open demo account to any of the market operators offering the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

How do I enroll in the course?

Press the button GET STARTED NOW and submit the requested information. After that you will receive an e-mail with payment information and schedule the first contact details.

How can I make the payment?

What is included in the package?

The Package Course of trading with Volume Advisor TOOLS which will provide the following benefits:
• interactive course individually with the professor experienced;
• Free Access at the Volumes Tools of major pair, oil, S&P 500 from the whole FOREX Market, for a period of 3 months;
• Free Access for 3 months at the Chat daily trading;
• Create an account and comprehension of the results obtained in the basic skills. 
• Free Access for 3 months at Paid Daily Analyses

"The Passion Rules The Game! Trading Success is guaranteed by learning, practicing and using the right tools. For consistence earnings, we should keep in mind that Trading is a Journey, Not a Sprint  "

Adrian Visoiu

V. Adrian

Economist, Licensed in the capital market, FOREX experience since 2004


The courses and analyses are made by the trainers using their knowledge and experience in financial markets trading. The team can help you to achieve the next level in trading and they are able to deliver the information in following languages: English, Romanian, Russian.

Adrian Visoiu

Adrian Visoiu

Graduated from the faculty of "International Affairs" in the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Trading FOREX form 2004. Teacher of VolumeTradingSystem, profession economist. Speaking Romanian & English

Andrian Misail

Andrian Misail

Graduated the faculty of "Finance, insurance, banking and Stock Exchange" in the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. The first acquainted with FOREX - 2004. In 2005 real account and transaction activity on the capital markets internal and international level. Teacher of  VolumeTradingSystem. Speaking Romanian & Russian


Everything is broken down in to easy to follow steps that even the newest trader can follow


Access your training at time scheduled and it can be viewed on any device and on any modern web browser


Study at your own place and you will interact with the teacher - all it will be crystal clear


Select the following options to get deeper understand of daily tradings and the new methods to improve your results. You can choose Free Daily Analyses, Paid Daily Analyses or LEGEND - Volume Trading System ( Course)



Join with simply registration process
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one major pair per day. You will be 
notified about new post by e-mail about
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Keep in mind that the 
analyses don't guaranty your success
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Join with simply registration process
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access to selected pair (selected on
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Membership for PAID DAILY ANALYSE:
- 10$ / month / pair.
- 50$/ month you will have access to all 6 major pair

Membership fee offer you access at:
- 3 analyse / pair, each day.
- access to Free Daily Analyses!

Keep in mind that the 
analyses don't guaranty your success
and they aren't signals in any way!





Access the most powerful pack: 

  1. The Legend Individual Course

  2. The Volume Indicator MT5 Plugin 3 months included

  3. Skype private room 3 months included

  4. Paid Daily Analyses, access for 3 months  



The many questions may arise based on your level of knowledge and interests, so please feel free to get in touch with us:

  1. E-mail: office@unleash4success.com
  2. ID: skype: terosrl
  3. Whatsapp: +40731578402



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